Cloopen Announced its Acquisition of Zhuge, a User-Centric Intelligent Data Solution Provider
"Communication+Data+Intelligence" Empowering Marketing and Service Intelligent Transformation of Enterprises

BEIJING, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 13th, Cloopen (NYSE: RAAS), China's leading multi-capability cloud-based communications solution provider, announced the wholly-owned acquisition of Zhuge Inc. ("Zhuge"), a new generation of user-centric intelligent data solution provider. After completing the acquisition, the two parties will achieve an upgrading of product and service capability, to more effectively assist in the intelligent transformation of enterprise clients' marketing and services through integrating the core technical capabilities of "communication+data+intelligence".

Mr. Changxun Sun, founder and CEO of Cloopen, said, "We are thrilled to welcome Zhuge to our group. Zhuge is a new generation of agile and open data intelligent service provider. In the past six years, Zhuge has continuously innovated and upgraded its products, focused on business scenarios, empowered businesses based on data intelligence, and helped enterprises realize data-driven growth and digital advancement of their organizations, which is highly compatible with Cloopen's mission and development plans. The addition of Zhuge strengthens the technology Cloopen has accumulated in the database arena and reinforces its competitiveness in the field of enterprise marketing and service. Moving forward, by leveraging their  respective technical capabilities of intelligent communication and data intelligent products, Zhuge's products and services will achieve impressive synergy with Cloopen's, and act as an important factor for Cloopen to build a closed-loop enterprise marketing and service."

Mr. Miao Kong, founder and CEO of Zhuge, shares his belief in the cooperation between Cloopen and Zhuge by stating, "I am very excited to be joining the Cloopen family. As one of China's earliest user-centric behavior analysis platforms, Zhuge has become the leading data intelligent technology company in the country in the fields of behavior analysis and customer data management after six years of development, witnessing and experiencing the high-speed iteration and change in market demand and its own platform. From only the Internet industry valuing digitization and intelligence in the past to all industries beginning to emphasize the digital economy, hundreds of thousands of enterprises have needed to reconstruct their relationship with consumers, using the digital transformation process to cut costs and increase efficiency throughout their operations. I believe integrating with Cloopen is an excellent start given our complementary and mutually beneficial advantages. It allows for more possibilities, along with continuous improvement, in order to create better data intelligence and marketing service products, that bring value to more enterprises, realize the digitalized and smart upgrade of business operation and truly enable the launch into the era of the digital economy."

The combined products and capabilities of Cloopen and Zhuge create an impressive space for the possibilities of integration. Cloopen provides communication services for tens of thousands of enterprises, as a key means for these organizations to reach their customers. Meanwhile, it has accumulated an impressive amount of business data and understanding of users' behaviors after de-identification. The integration with Zhuge will effectively promote the in-depth evolution of Cloopen in the direction of cloud-based marketing products. Zhuge's product technology will enhance Cloopen's capability in data middleware, thus enabling the company to help enterprise clients to have a deeper understanding of their users and user activities as well as the impact of their marketing programs in order to better achieve the conversion of traffic from the public to the private domain and ultimately improve their marketing efficiency. Zhuge will further advance Cloopen's competitiveness, systems and development efficacy in the area of data intelligent tracking across its suite of cloud-based communications solutions.

Today, the era of the industrial Internet has arrived. The infrastructure attributes of communication, data and intelligence in the industrial Internet are increasingly prominent, and the space for possibilities and imagination in enterprise services is increasingly broad. The acquisition of Zhuge is a key step for Cloopen to open up the whole value chain of enterprise marketing and service. Through this acquisition, Cloopen will accelerate the integration of the core competence of "communication+data+intelligence", and then more effectively help enterprises realize digital and intelligent transformation in their marketing and service process.

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