Cloopen Group Holding Limited is a leading multi-capability cloud-based communications solution provider in China offering a full suite of cloud-based communications solutions, covering communications platform as a service (CPaaS), cloud-based contact centers (cloud-based CC), and cloud-based unified communications and collaborations (cloud-based UC&C). The Company’s mission is to enhance the daily communication experience and operational productivity for enterprises. The Company aspires to drive the transformation of enterprise communications industry by offering innovative marketing and operational tactics and SaaS-based tools.

Our comprehensive and synergistic product portfolio includes:

  • CPaaS solutions that offer application programing interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs), to embed messaging, voice call, audio and video, instant messaging, and other communications capabilities into enterprises' applications, services and/or business processes;
  • Cloud-based CC solutions that enable enterprises to manage multi-channel customer interactions holistically with lower costs and enhanced efficiency;
  • Cloud-based UC&C solutions that support diversified communications functions required in business communications and collaboration, such as IM, audio and video conferencing and telephony, through a centralized portal.

We offer our customers top-tier cloud-based communications solutions with proprietary technological capabilities. Our solutions support both omni-channel access and multi-format communications, encompassing various composable functional modules to empower ready-to-use communications capabilities. We apply advanced technologies such as AI and big data to various business scenarios that not only improves communication efficiency and the overall experience but also generates substantial labor cost savings.

We service a large and diverse enterprise customer base of all sizes and from various industries, such as internet, telecommunications, financial services, education, industrial manufacturing and energy. We believe our capabilities in attracting and retaining these large-enterprise customers rests on our ability to develop and offer industry-specific features and functionalities that satisfy their disparate needs, integration requirements and complex internal deployment. We also serve small- to medium-sized enterprises by leveraging our comprehensive business portfolio and ready-to-deploy solutions.